Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

Postdoctoral Fellow - in vivo MRI - New York

The Bone Cell Biology and Imaging Laboratory at the Hospital for Special Surgery together with the In Vivo Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is seeking a postdoctoral fellow interested in leading the development of in vivo magnetic resonance imaging of bone cell activity. Candidates should have a strong background in magnetic resonance research as well as an interest in biology and translational research.

The Hospital for Special Surgery ( and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ( are among the leading research institutions in the world and are located within the same campus in Manhattan, New York. Please direct inquiries to Dr. Philipp Mayer-Kuckuk at

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008

A 6 month position in Reims, France

A six month position is available in my group in Reims, France,
for a *non-French* visiting Professor or an Assistant Professor or
any holder of an equivalent *permanent* academic position.
It is open starting from now and will remain open until the end of 2008.
The position is funded by the CNRS, the French
National Concil for Scientific Research.
The research project deals with the application
of selective pulses for the NMR spectral assignment
of complex molecules in solution, mainly oligosaccharides.
Please send me a detailed CV is you want to apply.

NMR Web site:

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2008

Postdoc in solid-state NMR of pharmaceuticals at Durham (UK)

As a result of the imminent departure of the current position holder for a permanent position, the Durham Solid-State NMR group expects a postdoctoral vacancy of about 12 months (depending on appointment level) to be available from April.

The project ("Elucidating structure and dynamics in pharmaceutical solvates") essentially is show-casing the power of modern solid-state NMR to obtained detailed information about local structure and dynamics in complex materials of technological importance, and connects with innovative work in the group using molecular dynamics to relate molecular-level detail to bulk properties. A set of interesting systems (both from the NMR and applications viewpoint) has already been identified in the initial phase of the project. Since the systems are now familiar, the project is quite suitable for newly-qualified spectroscopists wishing to gain further experience in solid-state NMR, contacts with the pharmaceutical industry, and with specialist DFT-based code for calculating NMR parameters in solids (CASTEP).
But the project also offers opportunities for more experienced researchers to devise novel techniques for the characterisation of locally dynamic materials.

More information on the Solid-State NMR group in Durham can be found on our web pages (link below). Potential applicants are encouraged to contact me as soon as possible for more information about this position (or life in the historic cathedral city of Durham) so that we can make a rapid appointment when the position formally becomes available.

Paul Hodgkinson

T: +44 191 334 2019