Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008

Postdoc in Manchester, UK

A two year postdoctoral position is available from next month, to work on the development of pure shift DOSY methods. Full details and application procedures are available at http://www.jobs.ac.uk/jobs/QO454/Research_Associate/.

Prof Gareth A Morris
School of Chemistry, University of Manchester
Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, UK
Tel (0) 161 275 4665

Postdoc position in Umea, Sweden

Postdoctoral fellowship:
Molecular understanding of phosphorus dynamics in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

The interplay between biosphere and the environment is at the core of global climate change. Organic P compounds are key determinants of primary production in many terrestrial and most aquatic ecosystems. The ability for plants or microorganisms to utilize organic P is an important part of the P dynamics and has implications for ecosystem functioning. Knowledge on the speciation and reactivity of the organic P pool is thus a key issue in both terrestrial and aquatic science.

This project will create unique, molecular-scale knowledge about the transfer mechanisms between various biogeochemical pools of phosphorus in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The research will benefit a broad range of fundamental ecological and geochemical questions and will be an important contribution to the application of NMR to natural samples and brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers.

· Develop methods for speciation of organic P in soils and freshwater ecosystems by means of different 31P NMR techniques.

· Apply the 31P NMR techniques on environmental samples to unravel the molecular details of how different organic P species in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems relate to vegetation, climate and microbial bioavailability.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in chemistry or a related field.
Key qualifications for this position:
- experience in modern spectroscopic techniques, experience in handling
environmental samples
- communication skills in speech and writing
- interest in working in a multidisciplinary group and in environmental issues

Applications, sent electronically to Reiner.Giesler@emg.umu.se or Jurgen.Schleucher@chem.umu.se should include:
- Introductory letter with a statement of research interest
- CV
- A list of publications
- Names and contacts of persons willing to act as references

Gerhard Gröbner
Biological Chemistry
Umeå University
90187 Umeå

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008

NMR Manager position at UWO

NMR Career Opportunity at the University of Western Ontario, London,
Ontario, Canada

Position Posting Reference: 000776
Job Title: Research Scientist
Department: Chemistry
Employee Group: PMA - Professional and Managerial Association
Type: Continuing Appointment
Status: Regular Full-Time Classification & Regular Hours Salary
Grade: Research Scientist 2



The NMR Manager provides leadership in the area of NMR spectroscopy
within the Department of Chemistry, the University of Western Ontario
and the broader community. The NMR Manager advocates and plans
strategically on behalf of the users of the Facility, which includes
undergraduate and graduate students and researchers, postdoctoral
fellows, research associates, faculty, and external users. The NMR
Manager supports the teaching, research and service missions of the
department by effectively managing all aspects of the operation of the
NMR Facility.

The Manager also facilitates the research of the faculty and their
research personnel by consulting with the users on advanced applications
of NMR spectroscopy for research problems and by implementation of the
appropriate NMR techniques. The Manager takes a collaborative,
consultative approach to planning, communicating and implementing all


- PhD in Chemistry/Physics or PhD in NMR Spectroscopy

- Minimum 4-5 years hands-on experience in solution state NMR
spectroscopy and, preferably, with solid-state NMR experience

Skills & Expertise:
- NMR instrumentation including the console and probes (solution and
solid state)
- Basic NMR experimental set ups (solution and solid state)
- NMR theory (solution and solid state)
- Pulse Programming
- Knowledge of NMR, word processing, spreadsheet and web design software

- Leadership skills
- Communication skills: in print, person to person and in large groups
(writing, listening, advocating, relationship building, giving feedback)

- Organizational skills
- Assessment skills: understanding current operations, realizing the
potential for improvements
- Ability to work independently
- Time-management skills
- Problem-solving skills
- Knowledge of Linux/Unix computer operating systems

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian
citizens and Permanent Residents will be given priority.

Please apply before: Friday, June 13, 2008