Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008

Postdoc position in Umea, Sweden

Postdoctoral fellowship:
Molecular understanding of phosphorus dynamics in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems

The interplay between biosphere and the environment is at the core of global climate change. Organic P compounds are key determinants of primary production in many terrestrial and most aquatic ecosystems. The ability for plants or microorganisms to utilize organic P is an important part of the P dynamics and has implications for ecosystem functioning. Knowledge on the speciation and reactivity of the organic P pool is thus a key issue in both terrestrial and aquatic science.

This project will create unique, molecular-scale knowledge about the transfer mechanisms between various biogeochemical pools of phosphorus in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The research will benefit a broad range of fundamental ecological and geochemical questions and will be an important contribution to the application of NMR to natural samples and brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers.

· Develop methods for speciation of organic P in soils and freshwater ecosystems by means of different 31P NMR techniques.

· Apply the 31P NMR techniques on environmental samples to unravel the molecular details of how different organic P species in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems relate to vegetation, climate and microbial bioavailability.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in chemistry or a related field.
Key qualifications for this position:
- experience in modern spectroscopic techniques, experience in handling
environmental samples
- communication skills in speech and writing
- interest in working in a multidisciplinary group and in environmental issues

Applications, sent electronically to Reiner.Giesler@emg.umu.se or Jurgen.Schleucher@chem.umu.se should include:
- Introductory letter with a statement of research interest
- CV
- A list of publications
- Names and contacts of persons willing to act as references

Gerhard Gröbner
Biological Chemistry
Umeå University
90187 Umeå