Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2007

Postdoctoral research position

Postdoctoral research position in the Akke group at Biophysical Chemistry and the Center for Molecular Protein Science, Lund University

We are looking for highly motivated candidates to engage in challenging projects on biomolecular dynamics using NMR spectroscopy. We work in several areas, including protein folding, enzyme dynamics, and ribosome function.

The successful candidate has a strong background in NMR spectroscopy, and preferably in the development and application of multinuclear and multidimensional techniques towards biomolecular studies. Prior experience in protein expression and purification is a plus, but not a requirement.

The position is available from September 2007. Your application should include a statement of research interest, CV, and the names and e-mail addresses of 2-3 senior scientists (advisors etc) who are willing to provide letters of recommendation.

General information:
We have one 500 MHz and one 600 MHz Varian system of the latest generation (VnmrS), both equipped with 4 channels and pulsed field gradients. Access to higher fields (800 and 900 MHz Varian systems) and cryogenic probes are available off site at the Swedish NMR Center.
In addition, the department is equipped with a variety of biophysical instrumentation including CD, fluorescence, microcalorimetry, stopped-flow, surface plasmon resonance, light scattering, X-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry.
We are part of the Center for Molecular Protein Science, a dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment ( ) that covers a wide range of research in molecular protein science.

More information about our research and recent publications can be found on our webpage:

For more information on the different project, please contact:
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