Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

Research/Teaching position

Research/Teaching position available in Marseille, Southern France.

This opening concerns a new kind of tenured position designed for
outstanding young scientists. The successful candidate will profit of a
reduced (-2/3) teaching load and of an increased (+30%) salary for a
period of 5 years, renewable once.

The research will concern an NMR methodology based on solid-assisted
diffusion measurements for the analysis of mixtures of small molecules,
which has shown comparable or even superior separation potential with
respect to chromatography. The candidate will be charged of extending
the methodology with a special attention to metabolomics study. Required
competences are in methodological high-resolution NMR, particularly in
fast acquisition methods. Knowledge of chemometrics would be an

Deadlines: Non-French candidates are welcome. However, candidates must
have succesufully enrolled in the French qualification list for teaching
positions. The deadline for application to this list is December
22nd 2008.

Contact: Please send questions, CV and reference letters to Stefano

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- Chomatographic NMR in NMR solvents, C. Carrara, G. Excouffier, C. Delaurent,S. Viel, S.
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