Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

2 year post-doc in Orsay

Post-doctoral position in the Structural Biology team of Institut Curie/INSERMU759

The two-year post-doc program is dedicated to the study of internal dynamics of proteins in the microcrystalline form using dedicated NMR methods. In recent years it has become possible to determine protein structures in the solid state. In addition, recent observations suggest that internal dynamics may be also accessed in theses conditions. In particular, 15N spin relaxation rates have been measured in small proteins. This demonstrates the existence of motional processes on NMR time scales that are significantly longer that those accessible by liquid NMR.
The first NMR experiments will be done on the human protein centrin 2, and his C-terminal domain in complex with a target peptide (P17-XPC). In a second step other biologically relevant proteins will be studied. The candidate will endeavour to prepare the samples (protein expression, purification) and will participate to crystallization and NMR experiments. The structural and molecular characterization of studied proteins (structural changes, structural stability, interactions) in relation with the biological function will be done in our laboratory.
The post-doc project will be performed in close collaboration with partners from CEA Saclay and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. Good knowledge in protein biochemistry (bacterial overproduction, purification), physicochemical analysis and NMR will be highly valued. The post-doctoral researcher will have the opportunity to participate to sample preparation and solid state dynamics NMR experiments. The post-doc position will be supported by a grant that has been awarded by the French Agence National de la Recherche (ANR).
Interested cndidates should send a CV and the names of two potential referees to: