Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Post-doctoral positions in Strasbourg/Illkirch

Post-doctoral program in molecular Biophysics
Biomolecular NMR group of IGBMC
Illkirch near Strasbourg (France)

The group of biomolecular NMR is seeking several hihgly motivated researcher to fullfill three post-doctoral and engineer positions in the fields of RNA/protein interactions and NMR/MS signal processing.


We are developing new tools to gain insight into protein/RNA complexes. These approches are based on specific labelling of RNA and proteins by spin labels, and combined EPR and NMR measurements.
==> A three year Post-doctoral position is available for this project. The researcher will be in charge of proteins and RNA labelling, expression and purification. Experience in molecular biology and general biophysical methods is required. Knowledge of biomolecular NMR methods will be appreciated.

Ref: Lebars et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 2010

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We are involved in the development of new acquisition and processing technics in the field of NMR and ICR Mass Spectrometry, in particular the development of multidimensional Fourier Transform Spectroscopy in NMR and FT-ICR.

In conjunction with the NMRTEC company, two one year positions are opened :

==> A one year Post-Doctoral position in signal treatment, and 1D and 2D Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (MS and NMR) (Marc-André Delsuc IGBMC)
==> A one year Engineer Position in computational development to develop a complete processing environment. (Marie-Aude Coutouly NMRTEC)

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