Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

PhD (6) - Postdoc (5)

Large investment in UltraSense NMR for Analyses, screening and diagnostics.

UltraSense NMR is a large research and development programme, granted by EFRO(EU) and GO, in cooperation between science and business. The project will be run by a consortium between Radboud University Nijmegen: Institute of Molecules and Materials, UMC St. Radboud, University of Twente and 3 knowledge companies: Future Chemistry, Spinnovation Analytical and NovioGendix. Goal of the project is to develop hyperpolarisation equipment and strategies based on both physical (DNP) and chemical (pH2) principles. With the ultrasensitive microfluidic and continuous flow technology and equipment, we will be developing new diagnostic services and a molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer. For this research programme we are looking for multidisciplined researchers, familiar with the field of physics, chemistry, biophysics, metabolic profiling, molecular diagnostics, who will be working closely together to generate a multidisciplinary research and development team responsible for generating the technology as well as the described prototype products. For the abovementioned developments we are looking for enthusiastic PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who like to be part of a multidisciplinary team in an internationally oriented environment:

1. PhD 1 with a background in synthetic (bio)organic chemistry, continuous flow chemistry, tagging of biomolecules, and with a strong affinity and knowledge of NMR.

2. PhD 2 with NMR/MR experience, preferably experience with working with PHIP. and a strong affinity and knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry.

3. PhD 3 with a master degree in (bio-)chemistry, biophysical chemistry or comparable fields. Experience with NMR and development of new metabolic assays in body fluids, cells and tissue will be appreciated.

4. PhD 4 with a background in Microfluidics and chip technology, lab on a chip, this position will be located at University of Twente

5. PhD 5 with a background in Biomarker tracing and analysis with preferably experience in molecular diagnostics, cancer research, this position will be located at UMC St. Radboud

6. PhD 6 with experience in magnetic resonance. Knowledge of DNP and/or metabolic profiling is a benefit.

7. Postdoc 1 (2 yrs) with a background in organic synthetic chemistry and a strong affinity and knowledge of flow chemistry and NMR techniques.

8. Postdoc 2 (2 yrs) with a strong background in magnetic resonance with an emphasis on methodological development.

9. Technical Researcher/Postdoc (4 yrs) with outstanding technical skills focusing on the development of a novel DNP spectrometer and hyphenated probe in a microfluidic context.

10. Postdoc 4 (2 yrs) with a background in NMR/MR, or pH2 based technology, preferably expertise in methodological development, instrumentation and pH2 hardware development.

11. Postdoc 5 (2 yrs) with NMR/MR experience in the field of biomolecules or biomarker research/ analysis and preferably experience with working with hyperpolarisation or PHIP.

When interested in these vacancies, please send an e-mail to:

Please accompany your e-mail with a cv and refer to the vacancy you’re interested in!

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