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The NMR and Structure Analysis unit of the Department of Organic Chemistry of Gent University (Belgium) is involved in research activities in the (bio)chemical and material sciences using NMR spectroscopy as the main investigative tool. With four fully equipped Bruker NMR spectrometers, it is the main academic NMR facility active in the chemical and material sciences in Belgium. The equipment inclides an AVANCE–II 700 MHz instrument, housed within the unit and part of the Interuniversitary NMR Facility jointly operated between Ghent University, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Antwerp University (UA), as well as an Avance-III 500 MHz (in installation), an AVANCE-II 500 MHz and an AVANCE 300 MHz. Equipment includes three- and four-channel setups, hrMAS at 700 MHz and a high gradient amplitude diffusion probe (1600 T/m) at 500 MHz.

A three year, University funded postdoctoral position is available starting preferably before January 1st 2012 (negotiable), to further develop and implement techniques and methodologies for the solution NMR based investigation in the following projects:

· The characterization of the impact of chemically modified nucleosides on the structure and dynamics of DNA duplexes intended to mimic protein active sites. This involves the use of both unlabelled and selectively labeled DNA systems.

· In situ characterization of colloidal dispersions ranging from quantum dots and rods to pigment and latex particles – this also involves methodological developments in diffusion respectively STD NMR spectroscopy.

The duties of the successful applicant include:

Scientific research within the context of one of the above research projects.
Scientific involvement (including co-authorship) in short term research projects with external partners.
Scientific support and co-manager of the Interuniversity 700 MHz high field NMR facility and the new 500 MHz facility within the department.
Mentoring of Master and PhD students.
Contribute to the educational activities of the department.

We offer:

The opportunity to fully participate in our current research projects, within the best equipped NMR facility in the country.
The opportunity to develop a proper research interest, i.e. based on the applicants own interest.
A competitive salary amounting to 1800-2100 €/month (commensurate with age and experience).

To be eligible, applicants should:
Demonstrate knowledge and practical expertise in solution NMR spectroscopy, as demonstrated by publications in international journals and/or oral communications at national or international meetings.
Demonstrate technical knowledge in the operation of NMR equipment (hardware and software) including implementation of pulse sequences.
Demonstrate interest for MSc student mentoring
Have acquired a PhD degree by the time of appointment (foreseen 1/1/2012).

The Universiteit Gent is an equal opportunity employer. Ghent is a pleseant city with medieval centre and good quality of living
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