Dienstag, 27. Mai 2008

PhD grant Reims France

The French Ministry of Education proposes a PhD grant (3 years)
in the field of automatic structure elucidation of small organic molecules.

The subject is related to the LSD software (www.univ-reims.fr/LSD).
More details can be found at
www.univ-reims.fr/LSD/projet_de_these_JMN-en.pdf (in English) or at
www.univ-reims.fr/LSD/projet_de_these_JMN-fr.pdf (in French).

The lab is located in Reims, France.

Candidates must be less than 25 years old at the end of 2008 and
have obtained a Master degree in 2008, in one of the countries of
the European Higher Education Area.
Monthly gross salary is 1 658.25 euros.

Interested people may send me an email: jm.nuzillard@univ-reims.fr