Dienstag, 27. Mai 2008

Post-Doctoral Position Amiens France

Post-Doctoral Position:

Structure of lignocellulose and its enzymatic hydrolysis: contribution of solid state NMR and electron microscopy.
This proposal is funded by the regional council of Picardie in the laboratory Génie Enzymatique et cellulaire - UMR 6022 CNRS-UPJV (Amiens)

The project lies in the development of second-generation biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels and the first-generation biofuels. The concept of second-generation biofuels, is based on valuing the entire plant by producing ethanol from the abundant ligno-cellulosic biomass. One of technological lock for the development of this renewable energy is the conversion of the insoluble fraction of cellulose into monosaccharides. The crystalline structure of insoluble cellulose seems to be responsible of the inefficiency of enzymes degradation. The successful candidate will study the three-dimensional organization by developing appropriate NMR solid-state experiments and microscopy observations in connection with the enzyme degradation.

NMR facilities include two 500 MHz and 300 MHz WB spectrometers (Bruker) equipped with solid probes (CP and HR-MAS). Scanning Electron Microscopy and AFM are also available..

Funding for this position is available from 01/11/2008, for up to two years
Post-doctoral salary will be around 2000 € per month

For further information please contact:

Catherine Sarazin
Unité de Génie Enzymatique et Cellulaire
UMR 6022 du CNRS - UPJV
33 rue Saint-Leu
80039 Amiens cedex
tel: + 33 3 22 82 74 71
fax: + 33 3 22 82 75 95