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Post-Doc in NMR-based metabolomics

1) Post-Doc in NMR-based metabolomics of C. elegans

A postdoctoral position is open at the Center for Molecular and Cellular Genetics, Lyon, France (Segalat lab.), to pursue our work in C. elegans NMR metabolomics. This is a joint project with the High-Field NMR Center (CRMN) in Lyon.

We are looking for a motivated candidate to pursue this work in two directions :

1. Identification of metabolic pathways involved in several C. elegans models of muscle diseases.

2. High-scale functional genomics of C. elegans by a NMR metabonomics approach

We are looking for a qualified applicant in NMR metabolomics. A background in Biology/Biochemistry will be an advantage.

The Center for Molecular and Cellular Genetics (CGMC) and the Center for High Field NMR are located on the campus of the University Claude Bernard. They are funded by CNRS, the University Claude Bernard, ENS-Lyon, and multiple additional sources. Both laboratories provide an excellent scientific environment with state-of-the-art facilities. Our labs are pioneers in the emerging field of invertebrate metabolomics (Proc Natl Acad Sci (2007) 104:19808-12).

This position is available in September 2009 for one year, renewable (CNRS contract). It will be based at the CGMC in Lyon (Villeurbanne).

For additional information, visit our institute websites: and

For position n°1: Please send your application and CV by e-mail to Dr. Laurent Ségalat : (tel/fax : +33 4 72 43 29 51). Other contact: Dr. Bénédicte Elena :

2) Post-doc in NMR-based metabonomics and predictive toxicology

A post-doctoral position is available at the High-Field NMR Center (CRMN) of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France. The project runs for two years.

The CRMN in Lyon is a European facility for NMR and is particularly well equipped with a 500 MHz, a 700 MHz, a 800 MHz and will host the first 1 GHz NMR spectrometer (summer 2009).

The successful candidate should have should have a background in either of the areas: 1. Analytical Chemistry, 2; Metabolomics, 3. Bioinformatics / Chemometrics or a related field with several years experience in NMR spectroscopy and ideally data analysis, as the project will involve the acquisition and analysis of 1H NMR–based metabolic profiling data from bioartificial organs. He/she should have a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Bioinformatics, Chemometrics or a related field.

The position will involve the following areas of expertise:

* Practical experience of biological NMR spectroscopy and/or experience of HR-MAS
* Knowledge of signal processing and multivariate statistics methods would be an advantage since the project involves NMR data modelling
* Strong motivation to learn and ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment
* Good written and verbal presentation skills are essential for coordination of results with the other members of the consortium

This position is available in September 2009 for one year (one year extension possible). It will be based at the CRMN in Lyon (Villeurbanne). The applicant should be a highly motivated individual aiming to work well in a team, but should also be capable of working in an independent capacity.

For additional information, visit our institute website:
For position n°2: Please send your application and CV by e-mail to Dr. Pierre Toulhoat :
Other contacts: Prof. Lyndon Emsley : ; Dr. Bénédicte Elena : ; Dr. Marc-Emmanuel Dumas :

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