Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

post-doctoral position in solid-state NMR of paramagnetic proteins

Open post-doctoral position in solid-state NMR of paramagnetic proteins

The Center for Very High Field NMR in Lyon (France) recruits a post doctoral fellow (2 years) on the structural investigation of microcrystalline paramagnetic proteins by solid-state NMR.

Techniques involving very fast MAS (70 kHz), state-of-the-art heteronuclear and homonuclear decoupling, scalar coupling transfers will be developed and applied to provide access to resolved NMR resonances from the 13C, 15N and 1H nuclei close to a metal center. The goal of this project is to provide a more sensitive acquisition of multidimensional correlations, faster and less ambiguous assignment of the resonances, and more precise measurements of constraints for structural or dynamical determinations. Notably, the changes induced by the presence of a paramagnetic metal with respect to the diamagnetic case will be used to model the electronic state of the metal ion, its coordination and its reactivity.

The Center for Very High Field NMR in Lyon, which is affiliated to the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, one of the leading Grandes Ecoles in France, will provide the ideal interdisciplinary (physics – chemistry – biology) environment and the necessary facilities to carry out the project. The center is equipped with state of the art NMR spectrometers (500 - 700 - 800 MHz, and the world's first 1 GHz spectrometer is being installed in the center in the coming July 2009), and hosts research groups of world-wide recognized excellence, notably in the rapidly growing field of solid-state NMR of proteins.

For more information about our center and to consult our recent publications please visit our webpage:

The ideal candidate will preferably possess previous experience with liquid-state or solid-state protein NMR experiments. The position will be available from the beginning of January 2009. If you are interested please contact either Dr. Guido Pintacuda or Pr. Lyndon Emsley at and