Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

12 month post-doctoral position in Structural Biology NMR

Paris Descartes University

12 month post-doctoral position in Structural Biology NMR.

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Chemistry or related fields.

The candidate is expected to have a strong expertise in solution NMR
with in-depth training in NMR receptor-ligand interaction, protein
structures and dynamics, and drug-protein interactions. Familiarity with
biochemistry, biophysics is desirable. Experience with molecular
modeling (docking, virtual screening, python language) would be a big plus.

The postdoctoral position is available from April 1, 2010 in the Paris
Descartes University to characterize the interaction of new HIV-1
anti-integrase inhibitors with LEDGF-Integrase complex.

The candidate will join the NMR & Molecular modeling team of the
laboratory of Chemical and Biochemical Pharmacology and Toxicology
(UMR8601 CNRS), and be responsible for the development and structural
analysis of HIV-1 integrase by high-resolution solution NMR and
molecular modeling. The main approach will be to characterize the
interaction by transfer-NMR experiments (STD, WaterLOGSY, ...) and to
participate in the development of AuPosSOM software to classify
molecules according to their contact pattern with the target of interest
and 2D/3D QSAR modeling.

Funding for the position is provided by the French National Agency of
Research (ANR) for 1 year.

For any queries about the lab and research projects, please contact
Gildas Bertho by e-mail: