Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Scientist with extensive NMR knowledge

The Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS) in
Saarbrücken is looking for one

Scientist with extensive NMR knowledge

Using the available NMR infrastructure (Bruker 700 MHz NMR equipped
with Cryoprobe and LC-coupling), your new job as NMR operator includes
performing routine measurements for the structural elucidation of
natural products. You are about to join a multidisciplinary team with
colleagues trained in chemistry, pharmacy, biology or biotechnology,
contributing your analytical skills to numerous projects. Your expert
NMR knowledge enables you to develop advanced methods, and you also
provide advise to scientists working at the institute regarding their
NMR applications. Furthermore, you actively pursue the de novo structure
elucidation of newly discovered, complex bacterial secondary

Requirements: Degree in chemistry or pharmacy with completed PhD,
ideally with focus on NMR analytics in the field of natural products.

Additional specifications: The successful applicant has ample knowledge
of NMR-based structure elucidation, which he/she gained for example in
the course of a previous postdoc occupation. Ideally, he/she has
experience with the structural elucidation of polyketides and peptides.
Extensive practical skills concerning the operation of NMR technology
(both hardware and software) are expected. Furthermore, basic know-how
of HPLC-coupled mass spectrometry and an understanding of studies of
biosynthetic pathways and feeding experiments with producers of natural
products would be beneficial. Fluency in scientific English is
essential, German language skills are appreciated but not required.

The position is available immediately. Please visit the Link below for
the official announcement and refer to position "24/2010" when sending
your application to: Personalabteilung, Helmholtz-Zentrum für
Infektionsforschung, Inhoffenstraße 7, 38124 Braunschweig, Germany. For
further details contact Prof. Dr. Rolf Müller (phone: +49 681/302-70201,
eMail: rolf.mueller@helmholtz-hzi.de).