Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

postdoctoral position in London

Postdoctoral Research Position is available in Annalisa Pastore's group at
the Molecular Division of the National Institute for Medical Research,
Mill Hill, London

We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated postdoctoral fellow
with a solid background in Structural Biology. The position is funded by a
EU grant (EFACTS) and is offered for three years, with possibility for an
extension up to 11 additional months.

Research project: The successful candidate will work on a project
focusing on understanding the primary function of frataxin, the protein
responsible for Friedreich's ataxia. The project requires collaborative
effords and the use of a wide range of structural, computational and
spectroscopic as well as molecular biological techniques and attempts to
reach an improved understanding of the role of frataxin in iron-sulfur
cluster biogenesis and in disease. The primary responsibility of the
successful applicant will be the investigation of the interactions between
frataxin and components of the iron-sulfur cluster machinery.

Required qualifications: The successful candidate should hold a Ph.D. in
chemistry/biochemistry/biophysics or a related field and have complete
her/his thesis defense by July, 2010. Experience with protein NMR
spectroscopy and/or crystallography is a requirement. The applicant must
have already solved structures of proteins and published at least one
first-author manuscript describing the atomic structure of a protein or a
protein-ligand complex. Knowledge of enzymology is considered a merit.
Good publication record, fluency in English, high motivation and excellent
social competence as well as ability to learn new techniques are expected.
Experience in molecular biology and computation chemistry will be

Expected Starting date: September-October 2010.

For additional information please contact: Annalisa Pastore

Application: The application should be submitted to the NIMR website. It
should include: (1) cover letter, in which the applicant describes his/her
research interests as well as his/her career vision, a (2) Curriculum
Vitae, a (3) list of publications, a (4) copy of official Ph.D.
transcript, and (5) the full contact addresses of two references.
Application deadline: July 5, 2010.