Montag, 18. Januar 2010

postdoc positions solid state NMR of membrane proteins

Two postdoc positions are available immediately in solid state NMR of membrane proteins in my research group at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Spectroscopy is conducted on a range of instruments from 400 to 900 MHz. Applicants with experience in NMR, preferably biological solid state NMR are encouraged to apply. This NIH funded science is focused on the characterization of potential drug targets for fighting TB and Influenza. While much of my lab's focus has been on aligned samples, I am also interested in pursuing magic angle spinning approaches for characterizing these important membrane protein targets. It has become increasing clear that these proteins must be characterized in lipid bilayer environment. Solid state NMR is becoming the key technology for the characterization of membrane proteins. Please send a CV and the names and addresses of three references to me if you are interested. Additional information is also available upon request.

Timothy A. Cross
NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging Program Director
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
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