Freitag, 12. März 2010

Macromolecular Spectroscopist Position at NCI-USA

The Structural Biophysics Laboratory (SBL; at the National Cancer Institute (part of the NIH) has an opening for dedicated Macromolecular NMR spectroscopist support who will work with the Investigators in the SBL and the NMR Engineer in the Molecular Discovery Program (MDP).

The SBL operates high-field NMR spectrometers ranging in frequency from 500 to 800 MHz and each spectrometer is equipped with a cryogenic triple resonance NMR probe optimized for studies on macromolecules (proteins and nucleic acids). The instruments are made by both Varian and Bruker. There are presently two PI-led groups conducting research, and expansion to add a third research group will occur in 2010.

We require the support of a skilled NMR spectroscopist to work with the PIs, postdoctoral fellows, and staff scientists in the SBL. Duties include:
1) Training and assisting users in operation of sophisticated multi-dimensional NMR experiments on macromolecules
2) Maintenance and development of experimental protocols (either as implementation of published methods or de novo development of new methods, with opportunity to collaborate with PIs in the SBL)
3) General instrument oversight, including scheduling and supervision of cryogen and magnet maintenance
4) Cooperation with on-site NMR engineer for trouble shooting and problem resolution

The spectroscopist should have a PhD and postdoctoral experience in macromolecular NMR. Demonstrated experience/expertise with Varian and Bruker systems is essential.

This spectroscopist will participate cooperatively in a three-member team to provide overall support for the NMR resources within the MDP (

Information and applications are made at the posting at
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R. Andrew Byrd 301-846-1407
Dir., Molecular Discovery Program
Chief, Structural Biophysics Laboratory FAX 301-846-6231
Macromolecular NMR

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