Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Facility Manager/Research Scientist

The Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC) is one of the research institutes
under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). SBIC aims to
advance imaging technology for understanding disease processes, early
diagnosis, and better prognosis in pre-clinical models, and their translation
into the clinic. There are several active research teams developing NMR and MRI
methods and analyses in collaboration with other groups using positron emission
tomography (PET), and optical techniques, with shared facilities in SBIC. There
are extensive collaborations with academic institutions and industry.

Facilities and Equipment:
The SBIC is located in the Helios building on the Biopolis campus. The NMR/MRI
facility currently hosts a state-of-the-art Varian 9.4 T and a Bruker 7 T
ClinScan MRI, a Bruker 400 MHz NMR spectrometer, a HyperSense dynamic
polarization system, a BioScan NanoSPECT/CT, and a Siemens microPET/CT.

A Facility Manager/Research Scientist position, for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
(NMR) spectroscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), is available at the
Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC). The successful applicant will be
responsible for managing, specifying new equipment, training users, and
maintaining the NMR/MRI facility to ensure scientific outcomes of the highest

Highly motivated candidates with prior experience in maintaining MRI/S systems
and with NMR spectroscopy will be preferred. Candidates with trouble-shooting
skills including that with RF coils, and performing quality control testing
will be preferred. Job responsibilities will include cryogen filling of the
magnets, software upgrades, instruction of users, and trouble shooting.
Experience with mapping B1/B0 homogeneity, calibrating RF pulses, and
fabrication skills for minor equipment such as animal holders for MRI-PET will
be an advantage.

The preferred background will include, but not be limited to biophysics,
biochemistry, chemistry, and physics. Experience with electronics, computer
systems administration (Linux/Unix and Windows), and programming languages are
desirable. The possibility will exist to run your own experiments and/or to
collaborate with others. Good organization and communication skills are
required to work with the multi-disciplinary teams.

For further information about SBIC staff, projects, and instrumentation, visit
our website:
Or contact Philip Kuchel (on ...he has
recently taken over from Prof Sir George Radda as ED of the SBIC
Interested candidates should submit his/her resume to the following email