Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

Postdoc EPR

Myself and Chris Kay have a realistic chance of getting funding for a 3 year postdoc. The prospective candidates must send their CVs to me ( before the end of this Sunday 16 January. The interviews will be held on 2nd February in London, and the outcome will be known shortly afterwards. The project will start in May.

The project is a collaboration between myself, Chris Kay and National Physical Laboratory. The project aims to unravel factors determining self-assembly of amyloid peptides relevant to Alzheimer's disease, and to explore the structural features of self-assembled peptide fibres. The project will involve peptide synthesis, spin labelling, cw EPR studies including dynamics, pulsed EPR including DEER, ENDOR, ESEEM. Extensive expertise is available in all areas and appropriate training will be provided.

The short deadline is due to the Research Council changing their procedures earlier this morning. Please advise the prospective candidate to email me NOW.
Dr Victor Chechik
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