Dienstag, 14. April 2009

PhD Zürich

Signaling via G-protein coupled receptors of high pharmacological importance. Despite its relevance little structural data are available for this class of membrane proteins. The aim of the project is to produce large fragments of GPCRs, and to study their structure but also their folding by NMR.
This ambitious project is very interdisciplinary. It includes techniques from molecular biology for recombinant expression of the membrane protein targets in isotopically enriched form. Good knowledge of biochemical working procedures is highly desired. The second emphasis will be placed on NMR spectroscopy as the primary (but not only) biophysical method to probe these interactions. Suitable candidates should have a diploma in (molecular) biology or (bio)-chemistry or a BSc/MSc in these subjects. Good knowledge in (membrane) protein expression/purification and interest in structural biology possibly with some computing know-how is highly desired. We offer good access to high-field NMR spectrometer (500 and 600 and 700 MHz, all with cryoprobes) and a well-equipped wet-lab during the PhD work. The group has experience in the field of membrane proteins, and is also collaborating with groups in the US.
The salary is based upon the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) salaries and covers approx. three-years of experimental work after which the experimental part of the PhD thesis should have been finished.

Starting date can be as early as 1st of July.

For further information you are encouraged to contact:
Prof. Oliver Zerbe
Institute of Organic Chemistry
University of Zurich
Winterthurerstr. 190
CH-8057 Zürich
Tel: 0041-44-635 42 63
e-mail: oliver.zerbe@oci.uzh.ch