Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

Faculty positions (including NMR) in Okinawa

Faculty positions (including NMR) in Okinawa, Japan

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST
invites applications for new faculty positions as it enters a period of growth
in preparation for transition to an international graduate university in 2012.
Approximately 15 faculty positions will be filled during this search. OIST
provides a world-class research environment in newly completed facilities in an
area of distinctive culture, unique ecology, and outstanding natural beauty.

Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to excel in their chosen
area of research, and will be expected to contribute to graduate teaching,
research supervision and other academic activities. Applicants should have a
PhD or equivalent degree, and demonstrate excellence in research.

The initial appointment will be as Principal Investigator (PI) or Independent
New Investigator (INI) for a term of five years. When the transition to a
graduate university is completed in 2012, it is planned that PI and INI
positions will change to a tenure track system with Assistant Professors,
Associate Professors, and Professors. Some appointments will be made on a joint
or part-time basis. Substantial internal funding will be provided to support
the faculty members research, based on a 5-year research plan, which is
renewable after scientific review.

This search is targeted broadly. The non-departmental structure of OIST and
orientation toward interdisciplinary research permits flexibility in appointing
applicants who are able to introduce new research areas or enhance existing
areas. Established research areas include genomics, developmental biology,
mathematical and computational biology, molecular and cell sciences and
neuroscience. New research areas include structural biology, biological
physics, biological chemistry, marine sciences, ecology and evolutionary
biology, and microbial and plant genetics. Applicants with exceptional skills
in the development of novel instrumentation, particularly instruments that will
further revolutionize imaging of bio- and nanosystems, are also encouraged to

At a time when worldwide support for research is increasingly risk-averse, and
grant funding places an ever-growing burden on faculty, OIST promotes
innovative research in a highly facilitating and supportive environment. This
is achievable because OIST has internal research funding, offers outstanding
central research facilities, and consults faculty on the design of new
laboratory space. Central research facilities at OIST include core facilities
for genomics, rodent vivarium, radioisotope use, electron microscopy, and
supercomputing facilities.

OIST is committed to being international with more than 50% of faculty and
researchers from outside Japan. The official language of OIST is English. OIST
is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and encourages
applications from women. More details regarding the aims of the search and
advantages of working at OIST are available in the Information for Applicants
in the application package that is downloadable from the website
Applications should be submitted in accordance with the instructions in the
application package. Applications for the current search close 31, July 2010.
Interviews will take place in late August/September, with a view to making
appointments early in 2011.