Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

PhD student position at Wageningen

Diffusional Nanoprobes for Multi-length Scale material Characterisation (DINAMISCH)

In the DINAMISCH project we aim at overcoming the current bottlenecks in non-invasive multi-length scale characterisation during structure formation and degradation in semi-solid matter by diffusional probing using advanced magnetic resonance methods. DINAMISCH is an academic-industrial collaboration between Wageningen University and two industrial partners, SyMO-Chem and Unilever. DINAMISCH is part of the research programme of COAST, the Dutch public-private partnership on Analytical Science and Technology.

We are now searching for a Ph.D. Student (4 years) who will develop and apply novel magnetic resonance methods for probing materials at different length scales (nano/meso/micro). The focus will be on PFG and MRI methodologies for assessment of structure formation/degradation under dynamic conditions. This will also require the joint deployment of novel rheo- and DNP approaches. The student will work closely with a postdoc working on design and manufacturing of diffusional nanoprobes and with industrial researchers at Unilever and SyMO-Chem. The PhD student will be based at the Laboratory of Biophysics, Wageningen University.

For more information contact Dr. Henk Van As ( or Prof. Dr. John van Duynhoven (