Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012


A two-year post-doc position is available in the field of Solid State NMR

At: Nano-SiSTeMI Interdisciplinary Centre, University of Piemonte Orientale

Where: Alessandria, Italy; Milan, Italy

Task: The aim of the project, in collaboration with Bruker (Italy) is to develop,

implement and use innovative solid state NMR (SS-NMR) techniques for the study of

a broad range of solids including catalysts, materials for photovoltaic devices,

optoelectronic and sensing, polymer composites, hybrid materials, cements, etc... The

responsibility also includes in providing (a) assistance and training in SS-NMR, (b)

designing and development of pulse programs, (c) experimental and interpretational

service to support collaborative and multidisciplinary research on national and

international levels and (d) day-to-day maintenance and upgrading of the facility.

The position plays two distinct roles. One is part of the NMR centered program of the

Prof. Marchese group. The other is as part of the characterization facilities available

to collaborating research groups, both within the department and external, that service an extremely wide-ranging program of materials-centered research.

Salary: 24-26 k€/year depending on the candidate experience

Prof. Leonardo Marchese, +39 0131 360262 (mob. + 39 3482879225)
Dr. Angelo Ripamonti, +39 02 70 63 63 70,