Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

PhD studentship

A 4 year PhD studentship contract is available in my group starting september 2012 to work on the structural and functional aspects of the recognition of chromatin structure by the ING4 tumor suppressor.

We seek a motivated student with a strong interest in structural biology, and with a Master degree (to be completed before september 2012).

The PhD researcher will be involved in sample preparation and structural analysis by NMR and other techniques. The laboratory hosts two Bruker spectrometers (800 and 600 MHz) with a full complement of probes for biomolecular studies). Electron microscopy and crystallography platforms are also available at CIC bioGUNE. Functional assays will be carried out in collaboration with an external group.

CIC bioGUNE ( is a research institute in biosciences created and supported by the Basque Government in 2005 to foster bioresearch and biotech industry in the Basque Country. It is located near Bilbao, an area with a high standard of living, a mild climate and a vibrant cultural environment.

Information about the current activity and publications of the lab can be found in the following link

Interested applicants should send their CVs to before the 31st of january 2012.

Best regards

Francisco J. Blanco
Ikerbasque Research Professor
Structural Biology Unit, CIC bioGUNE
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Edificio 800
48160 Derio, Spain
Phone: 34 946572521
Fax: 34 946572502