Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012


In connection with a collaboration agreement with Janssen Pharmaceutica,
Beerse, Belgium, the University of Liege has a postdoctoral vacancy available.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a sound understanding of
ssNMR theory and extensive experience in implementing, setting up, running,
processing and evaluating ssNMR experiments, preferably in the context of
pharmaceutical applications. The successful candidate will be responsible for
setting-up a ssNMR research environment suitable for pharmaceutical
applications of ssNMR - as a tool for trouble shooting as well as a tool for
the development and characterization of solid form formulations (tablets,
powders, suspensions, including nano-particle based forms). Ability to work
independently and very good communicative skills are a must. He/she will be
involved in collaborative projects with Janssen Pharmaceutica.
The NMR group in Liege is equipped with two Bruker 400 MHz ssNMR spectrometers.
Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Christian Damblon for more
information about this position (or life in the historic city of Liege).
Applications must be received before end of February 2012.

Prof. Christian Damblon
Institut de Chimie
allée de la Chimie, 3 (Bât. B6)
Sart Tilman - 4000 Liège
Tel. +32 4 366 3788