Montag, 14. Juli 2008

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Quality control of therapeutic proteins by NMR

The use of recombinant proteins in human health care is a growing field, characterized by a rapid progression with 13% of the total drug market. Hormones, vaccines and blood coagulation factors are the first applications of proteins in human health. The growing number of molecules together with the increasing number of compagnies that are producing therapeutic proteins call for a reinforcement of the quality controls for this kind of drugs. NMR is a powerful tool to investigate the chemical structure of proteins together with their three dimensional fold. This project aims at developing new methods for spectral acquisition and analysis allowing specific spectral signatures to be identified for each therapeutic protein. This project will be developed in collaboration with the NMRTec society. This project has received the support from the pôle de compétitivité "Innovations thérapeutiques".
Interested by biophysical and biocomputing methods, the student will use the most recent methods of biomolecular NMR, usually used to study the three-dimensional structures of proteins. After having familiarized himself with these techniques, it will adapt these methods to the acquisition of protein spectra within their commercial formulation. He will interact with software developers in order to define the quality criteria and to automate the spectra acquisition and their interpretation.
With this subject, the student will get access to a rather broad range of skills in biophysics and protein chemistry. He will also get familiar with the fast growing field of drug quality control.

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