Montag, 7. März 2011

Genentech Postdoctoral Fellow

Genentech Postdoctoral Fellow: Structural Biology/NMR Spectroscopy

We have an opportunity for a highly talented Postdoctoral Fellow to join the Protein NMR Group in the Structural Biology Department at Genentech. Our research encompasses the structural analysis of proteins of therapeutic interest, with an emphasis on determining their conformations and ligand-binding properties.

Genentech is now applying our expertise in protein expression, assay development, antibody engineering and drug design to pursue some of the most challenging therapeutic targets in the human proteome, including G protein-coupled receptors and ion channels. The successful candidate will focus their postdoctoral research on the NMR structural analysis of human membrane proteins involved in ion transport and the mechanisms of their functional regulation. The interaction of these proteins with potent and selective antibody fragments, peptides and/or small molecule inhibitors will also be examined. Significant progress on the high-level expression and purification of the proposed membrane structural targets has already been achieved. Moreover, you would be working with a highly collaborative group of scientists whose expertise includes protein NMR spectroscopy, soluble and membrane protein crystallography, ion channel electrophysiology and assay development.

The protein NMR facility includes dedicated 800, 600, and 500 MHz spectrometers, Linux workstations, a fully equipped protein expression and purification lab with expertise in membrane protein production, and access to the Central California 900 MHz spectrometer.

Recent PhD graduate in Biochemistry, Structural Biology or a related discipline, with a strong publication record providing evidence of productive, independent contributions in science. The applicant must have demonstrated expertise in protein expression and purification, and protein NMR spectroscopy . Prior experience working with membrane proteins will be a strong asset, but is not essential. The successful candidate must be motivated, capable of working independently, and enjoy working in a collaborative setting.

Interested candidates should apply at, but feel free to send their CV and cover letter directly to Dr. Melissa Starovasnik ( and Dr. Christopher Koth ( Please visit for additional information.