Montag, 7. März 2011

Professorship Rennes

A permanent professor position is available at the University of Rennes 1 (Pharmaceutical and biological sciences faculty and LTSI) in september 2011.

The Professor will be in charge of the education department of Mathematics and Physics pharmaceuticals. She/He will teach Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Informatics in different levels of the curriculum of Pharmacy and Nutraceutical Engineering. She/He will be responsible for the development of innovative teaching at the interface between different disciplines.

The research project focuses on methodological and technological developments in the domain of quantification in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy (MRI, MRS), including an important translational component.
This professor position is attached to the Laboratory of Signal Processing and Image (LTSI, UMR INSERM 642), in the emerging team METRIQ currently made up of 1 full professor, 5 associate professor, 1 researcher, 4 PhD students and 1 technician. The Professor, by his/her experience, will be more particularly brought to reinforce and instigate research topics recently initiated by the team including methodological (physical, information processing) and technological aspects (electronic sensors, computer engineering) of MRI / MRS. One goal is to bring the innovations within the clinical team on the field. To do this, the local environment is particularly favorable: the team is the “support”, with a dedicated research engineer, of the small animal imaging component of the PRISM* platform, while having access to MRI of Rennes University Hospital (a 1.5 T and a 3 T clinical systems, and a 3 T with 50% time dedicated for research).She/He will be brought to work closely with, biologists, pharmacists and physicians.

* The PRISM platform gathers several imaging facilites on three sites :
- Beauregard (Cemagref) : 1 whole body MRI (0.2 T and 1.5 T)
- Villejean (UR1 IFR 140) : small animal MRI 4.7 T, 2 vertical 500MHz NMR spectrometers
- Saint-Gilles (INRA) : CT-scan, US, γ-scintigraphy and PET scan

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