Montag, 7. März 2011

solid-state NMR engineer position

A one-year solid-state NMR engineer position available

A one-year engineer position is available in the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (LRM), INAC/SCIB at CEA Grenoble for the technical maintenance of three BRUKER solid-state NMR spectrometers: two AVANCE 400, one of them coupled to a gyrotron, and one DSX 200. The NMR facility is localized at two different sites and will get very soon a complete system to perform solid-state high-resolution NMR coupled to Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP).

Applications fields in high-resolution solid-state NMR at CEA-Grenoble are very broad, ranging from synthetic polymers to biological material, as well as new materials for nanotechnologies. Research at LRM includes methodological developments (pulse sequence design, DNP, NMR/DFT coupling, …) and original instrumentation in order to improve the low intrinsic sensitivity of NMR.

The successful candidate will be in charge of the maintenance and troubleshooting of the spectrometers, contact with suppliers, spectrometer time schedule, supervising external users, and users training. The candidate will be strongly involved in the setup of DNP/NMR experiments, including optimization of sample-preparation protocols for DNP.

The candidate profile includes a PhD thesis in high-resolution solid-state NMR. Previous professional experience in a NMR facility will be particularly considered. Communication and integration skills are highly appreciated.

Further information concerning this position can be obtained from the LRM scientists Sabine Hediger (, tel +33 4 38 78 68 12) and Gaël De Paepe, DNP project leader (, tel +33 4 38 78 58 30).

Motivated candidates should send their CV, two letters of reference, and one letter of motivation before 21st of March 2011 to:

Michel Bardet
17 rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble
Cedex 9 - France
tel. 33 4 38 78 57 72 (office)
33 4 38 78 38 33 (secretary)

email :