Montag, 7. März 2011

Professor position at Paris 13 University

Professor position (sections 31/64) at Paris 13 University – Bobigny campus
NMR: Metabolomics or Structural Biology

The CSPBAT (Chemistry, Structure, and Properties of Biomaterials and Therapeutic Agents) laboratory, UMR CNRS 7244, was created in January of 2009 to regroup several research teams affiliated to the Paris 13 University that previously belonged to other laboratories in the Paris area (Ile de France). The SBMB team is a multi-disciplinary group that uses various spectroscopic methods to study biomolecules and biological samples (liquids, cells, and tissues).

Research profile: This Professorship position is open to candidates with a research program centered on one of the themes developed by the SBMB team of the CSPBAT laboratory:

Metabolomics based on NMR spectroscopy: The approach has been developed in our laboratory over the past ten years through collaborations with the nearby hospital research groups. The major themes involve exploration of kidney function, liver function, and cancer. The metabolomic studies will be conducted in the SMBH medical Faculty and will fall within the scope of the scientific interests of the medical staffs of Jean Verdier and Avicennes Hospitals.

NMR Structural studies on model systems in vitro: Another group in the SBMB team develops research in the field of DNA-protein interactions, particularly involving DNA aptamers. The goal is to improve the affinity or specificity of the aptamers for their targets (proteins, antibiotics, RNA or DNA structural motifs) to develop therapeutic or diagnostic tools.

New research projects in collaboration with the other teams in the laboratory would be considered, in particular projects concerned with the development of bio-captors or polymer-based biomaterials with biological activity.

Teaching profile:
General teaching in the field of Chemistry and/or Biology (undergraduate level). NMR and its applications in the field of public health (Masters level).

The laboratory is located at UFR SMBH in Bobigny.

People to contact:
Veronique Migonney (Director of the CSPBAT Laboratory) :
Telephone number: +(33) 1 4940 33 52/33 46 (secretary)

Edith Hantz: (Head of the SBMB team)
Telephone number: +(33) 1 4838 76 85