Montag, 14. März 2011

Position of NMR manager in Lille, France

The laboratory of Structural and Functional Glycobiology (UGSF - CNRS UMR 8576) at the University of Lille, France, is looking for a research engineer to manage the liquid state part of the NMR Platform at the University. Composed of several Bruker spectrometers, including a 900MHz Avance III instrument with cryogenic probehead and a SampleJet, a 800MHz Avance III spectrometer for solid state and HRMAS NMR, the platform has the specificity within the national network of high-field NMR ( of combining expertise in liquid and solid state NMR.

The applications of high resolution biomolecular NMR at the UGSF cover most types of biomolecules, with a particular accent on oligosaccharides and proteins, and their interactions. Research at the UGSF aims to develop novel methods (pulse sequences, reduction of sample size, use of sample changer, HRMAS) and novel instrumentation to improve the quality of the measurements, and extract maximal information for the biological systems of interest.

The ideal candidate will be in charge of the maintenance of the different spectrometers, relations with the constructor, planning of the experiments, and set-up of the experiments for novel and experienced users. He/she will play an important role in choosing and implementing existing and novel NMR experiences, and will be particularly involved with the set-up of automatic screening protocols of molecular interactions.

A PhD in high resolution biomolecular NMR and a first professional experience in a NMR laboratory are important criteria for the selection. Further information about the position can be obtained from Guy Lippens, the principal investigator of the 900MHz project (, tel (00 33) 3 20 33 72 41). For administrative information, candidates should contact Mme Martine Ratajczak ( 03 20 33 72 40) before March 28th 2011.